Music Production Commonly Asked Questions

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Questions And Answers

Are Beats Free?

Unfortunately, no tracks produced by CinoTraxz complete usage free. Instrumentals that are labeled as "Free Download" or available on streaming platforms are to be used for promotional purposes only. Downloading these instrumentals does not constitute any type of licensing or agreements between you and CinoTraxz.

Do You Make Custom Beats?

Without question! Cino specializes in Hip Hop, Rap and R&B instrumentals for artists and musicians with the capability to deliver quality tracks in several additional music genre's: Pop, Funk, Alternative, EDM and Rock. Inquire today for a demo from one of these additional genre's.

Should I Master My Tracks?

While not required, mastering your tracks before a big release is a huge recommendation. You will want to make sure your track(s) are as just as pleasing to listeners as the best music released in years past, regardless of the audio output your music is being pushed through. It's what separates the good music from the great. Yet and still, most musicians today go without mastering their tracks pre-release, and in some cases even worse, bypass the mixing stage all together! This can add a significant quality to certain music - think Lo-Fi - but can also hurt a very strong potential hit that you may have, due to its low quality in general. Contact CinoTraxz today and begin putting your tracks on the right road to its potential success!

How To Buy Beats From Other Platforms?

If you've heard an instrumental from CinoTraxz on platforms outside of, such as Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music, Audiomack or others, you may visit the Beat Store located on to search and locate the track you're interested in purchasing. Purchasing tracks through the Beat Store is an automated process, with direct delivery upon successful payment. Please allow 24 hours for a return copy of the signed lease agreement.

Buy Beats Directly!

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